Online Courses: Improving High School eLearning


If you have a high school student learning at home, improving their efficiency can be difficult. Whether they're learning through ICAP online courses or through another eLearning platform, helping them develop strong study habits and encouraging them to utilize their learning tools can pay big dividends.

Here are some strategies you can try with your high school online student.

Study Habits

Traditional high school learning follows basic patterns. You move from classroom to classroom. You interact with your peers. You have distinct learning/lecture portions. You have tests/quizzes. All of these distinct components of high school learning can be blurred when you're enrolled in online classes.

Create a Schedule:

Although your high school student might have scheduled video meetings, the distinction between other aspects of their class can be nebulous. If your high school student seems to get "stuck" or feel lost during their school day, try helping them create a schedule. Start by dividing the day into categories: homework, class time, free time, work time, sleep, etc. Give each of these categories a color. Next, begin sectioning out what a typical Monday might look like. Once your high school student feels comfortable, turn them loose to finish out their schedule for the remainder of the week. This exercise will not only create a flow throughout their online learning day, but it will often show them that they have more time to get things accomplished than they may have previously suspected.

Create a Connection:

Learning is a social activity for many high school students. Encouraging your high school student to connect with classmates outside of video conference sessions can also improve study habits and efficiency. They can also use collaborative tools to create sets of flashcards and practice tests to build even more academic collaboration.

Learning Tools

Programs like ICAP online courses offer high school students a variety of learning tools. Because these learning tools aren't the types of things you likely saw when you were in high school, it can be tough for parents to direct their high school students to the learning tools available to them.

AI Tutors:

Powerful algorithms exists to provide unique insights into an individual learner's needs. For instance, your high school student might take a practice test and receive an immediate tutor that focuses on the skills and knowledge they might lack.

Writing Workshops:

The best eLearning platforms for high school students offer writing workshops to help students become stronger writers. They can submit drafts to these workshops and receive feedback to help them improve future drafts.

To learn more about ICAP online classes, reach out to a resource like Education Alive.


27 October 2020

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