What Types of SEL Skills Benefit High School Students?


Social-emotional learning is often a very important part of learning for elementary school students, but many people do not consider the benefits of SEL for high school students. In fact, some people may find that this kind of learning is just as important in adolescence as it is in young children.

These are some of the types of skills you can teach high school students in accordance with SEL curriculum.


Self-awareness helps students understand their own place in the world, giving them a sense of inclusion. For example, when students see themselves reflected in the materials they read, they gain self-awareness. Students also gain self-awareness by writing about their own needs and exploring their feelings about the texts they read.


High school students also need to learn how to make good decisions. They need to learn how to make decisions step by step, understanding the process of arriving at good decisions. Students also learn how to make decisions that are not only good for themselves but also good for the community. Students might be asked what decisions they might make as a character in a book, for example.

Social Awareness

High schoolers also need to learn social awareness. Adolescence is a time when students are often trying to figure out where they belong with their peers. They are also often pushing boundaries, which means that they need to learn how to build not only empathy but also an awareness of the emotions of those around them. SEL plans might focus on students understanding their peers without judgment.

Self Management

One of the most difficult components of social-emotional wellness is learning how to manage oneself. Students need to learn how to regulate their emotions and understand what they need to do to become successful. For example, they can learn how things like how delayed gratification can lead to better success in the future, a lesson that might involve prioritizing goals.

Positive Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of learning SEL is developing positive relationships with others. This relies on good communication. Positive communication involves expressing one's own emotions and actively listening to the feelings of others.

SEL Curriculum Lesson Plans Are Suitable for All Ages

As you begin to look into SEL curriculum lesson plans, you will find many different options that are suitable for all ages. Age-appropriate activities can be found in many types of lesson plans with a focus on social-emotional topics.


2 June 2021

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