The Benefits Of A High School At Sea Program


A high school study abroad program is exciting enough for any student. Now, picture enrolling in a program that integrates learning in multiple countries, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on experience. In a high school at sea program, the world is the subject, and the ship is the classroom. This post highlights the key benefits of enrolling in a study abroad program.

What Is High School at Sea? 

High school at sea is a unique learning program that combines a study abroad program with a voyage on a ship. Typically, the program involves the student boarding a ship and setting off for a journey lasting about three months. During this voyage, the students tour different destinations. Also, the program offers a wide range of coursework onboard the ship and field trips in multiple countries. This way, students get experiential and comparative education with a global experience. 

What Benefits Does High School at Sea Offer?

Comparative Learning Environment 

High school at sea programs provide learners with a comparative learning environment. Essentially, any study abroad program creates an opportunity to travel and explore a different country. Usually, learners get a chance to study a new country's social, economic, political, and environmental context. In comparison, study at sea programs amplifies these benefits by allowing the students to travel to more than one country. As such, learners get diverse experiences, and they can compare the lessons learned from different countries and become global citizens. 

Multi-Cultural Learning 

A high school at sea learning program provides a multi-cultural learning environment. For starters, learners get to explore different cultures in each voyage destination. In particular, the schedule and design of the field trips expose the student to new cultural attributes, such as language, food, and art. Also, the programs provide unlimited opportunities for the learners to interact with people of different cultures at the ship and during excursions. This way, the scholars can appreciate diversity and gain cultural sensitivity. More so, the participants can build long-lasting bonds with fellow learners.

Recreational Benefits 

Picture going on a vacation where you continue learning? Technically, high school at sea offer such an experience where you are a learner on vacation. A critical feature of such a program is that participants get the opportunity to cruise the ocean on a ship. Thus, they experience sailing and related recreational activities. For instance, they can learn about seafaring and marine life, while engaging in safe water sports, such as swimming, fishing, and snorkeling. More so, there are many opportunities to tour different sites during field trips. Such activities have positive outcomes for learner's physical and mental wellness. Notably, the students do not have to compromise their studies for leisure since the program offers both.

If you are looking for an immersive study program, enroll for high school at sea. However, take time to vet the program for quality and safety. 


17 September 2021

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