3 Reasons To Choose An All-Girls Catholic School


When looking for a school for your daughter, you have many options, including public, private, and charter schools. One option that shouldn't be overlooked for Catholic parents is an all-girls Catholic school. By choosing an all-girls Catholic school, you will be setting your daughter up for academic success while also helping to strengthen your family's beliefs and values. Here are three of the biggest reasons to choose an all-girls Catholic school for your daughter:

Your Daughter's Catholic School Will Strengthen Her Beliefs

Choosing a Catholic school is a great way to ensure your family's beliefs and values are not contradicted at school. Most Catholic schools are academically rigorous, while also providing spiritual classes, lessons in Catholicism, and Mass attendance on campus.

In addition, many Catholic schools teach the importance of community service, with your daughter likely participating in volunteer work to strengthen her character and develop her compassion.

All-Girls Schools Help Girls Achieve More Academically

Studies consistently show that students at all-girls schools feel more academically challenged and are more likely to succeed than children who attend co-ed schools. Many girls find they are more comfortable asking questions or speaking up in class when all their classmates are girls too. Studies have also shown that girls who attend all-girls schools have stronger critical thinking and study skills.

Attending an all-girls Catholic school will ensure your daughter receives a rigorous education where she encouraged to develop strong academic, social, and leadership skills. This education will help set her up for success in college and in her future career endeavors.

All-Girls Catholic Schools Offer Strong Mentorship

When hiring teachers and administrators, Catholic schools look at not only a prospective employee's teaching abilities, but also their character and values. At an all-girls Catholic school, your daughter will have the support, leadership, and guidance of Catholic women.

She will have mentors who can help her discover her academic and extracurricular strengths and guide her as she decides which colleges to apply to. She will receive spiritual support as well and have teachers and clergy on-site to ask whatever questions she wrestles with as she gets older.

By choosing an all-girls Catholic school for your daughter's education, you will be ensuring that she enjoys these benefits for herself. It's a good idea to start with a school tour so you and your daughter can meet the staff and learn more about the school in person.


15 January 2021

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